Salt Lake Auto-Bicycle Accident Leaves Man With Brain Injury

A man on a bicycle was hit by a car early this morning, around 6 a.m., February 9, 2009. According to KSL News, the driver reports that bicyclist was in the crosswalk at 1353 W. Indiana Av. in Salt Lake City, Utah. According to the driver, he stopped as he crossed the street and then started to go when the bicyclist (who had turned around by this time and was coming back across the street) passed in the front of the motorist’s car and was struck by him. The driver said he tried to stop but was unable to avoid striking him. By reports, the bicyclist hit his head and sustained a severe head injury and is said to be in critical condition.

This is a sad story. I bicycle myself and have learned how important it is to practice defensive driving and to be aware of what motorists around you are doing. There is no word on whether the bicyclist was wearing a helmet or not. Certainly helmets can help soften the blow and reduce incidents of serious brain injury. There is also no word on whether the bike was being pushed across the street or ridden. I also wonder if there were working lights on the bike that would have alerted the driver that the bicyclist was there in front of him. At the time of the crash, it was quite dark. I further wonder if there were witnesses who saw the crash who can fill us in on the details of this bicycle-car crash. I will update this story if I hear more information.

Published by: Ron Kramer

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